ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni operates three production sites which are situated in Italy, China and India. All our sites are ISO9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, FSC®-C165764, SMETA and Green energy certified. We employ 450 people worldwide.

Since 2016 we have adhered to the automation model "Industry 4.0" and to date, we are the only company in our industry that can live up to this title. Industry 4.0 thinking has meant revolutionizing the way our goods are produced.

At ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni, we believe in intelligent manufacturing, marrying physical production and operations with smart, digital technology to create a holistic, more reliable way of operating.

Artisan Atelier

ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni clients have access to our artisanal atelier, which can produce exclusive and unique pieces. The atelier embodies our values of excellence, exclusivity and craftsmanships.
Every demand can be met and will be achieved rapidly whilst upholding the highest of standards.

Vision & Innovation

The production sites are ISO9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, FSC®-C165764, SMETA and Green energy certified.


In 2016 ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni became the first company in its group to implement the guidelines of the fourth industrial revolution. 'Industry 4.0' represents a significant transformation regarding how we build products thanks to the digitization of manufacturing.


ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni uses on all sites only certified green energy; we proudly operate a fully automated Green factory.


Plastic Free

Injected Wood

Going plastic-free is not easy, but it is a vital contribution to protecting and preserving our planet.
ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni is - and has always been - active in the research, design and management of viable and sustainable solutions and alternatives to traditional materials.

In 2021 we introduced INJECTED WOOD, which will replace ABS in productions, making ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni a PLASTIC-FREE COMPANY.