ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni produces high-end packaging - large series and unique pieces - for luxury brands. We design, craft and create customized packaging programs per our client's precise needs and desires.

We specialize in luxury cases, watch winders and boutique accessories. Our core materials are wood and leather, and we work with all certified materials. We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed high-quality expectations while respecting the environment.

atelier cases

At our Artisan Atelier our craftsmen meet bespoke requirements to create unique, handmade pieces as well as small series products for our clients.

Exclusive Cases

Innovation is at our core. With over 40 years of experience in the fine jewelry and watchmaking industry, we can provide our clients with the quality, design and precision they require. We continually study and develop exclusive cases using the most advanced technology and materials.

Premium Cases

Thanks to our know-how and modern technology we are able to produce large series, all while ensuring impeccable attention to detail.

Watch Winders

A watch is a mechanical piece of art; the watch winder its mechanical console. Besides our classic watch winders, an indispensable tool for luxury mechanical watches, we have developed and patented a novel watch winder, a device never seen before.

Boutique accessories

Our specialist research and development team meticulously studies the full suite of materials. This ensures we can always advise what the perfect elements are for our clients' boutique accessories