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ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni is an established design, engineering and R&D company with over 40 years of experience. We are different from other agencies: We fully customize our offer to our client's requirements. We have the experience, expertise and know-how to create ad-hoc products that meet even the most extreme innovative needs.

ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni provides the perfect service: creation, innovation and quality.

5-step process

We adhere to strict codes of excellence with our unique 5-step method.

Design Identification

Design Identification

Engineering & Sampling

Engineering & Sampling

Project Package

Project Package

Production & Distribution

Production & Distribution

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Step 1 - Design Identification

At ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni, we start with our customer and their wishes, desires and requirements. Next, we develop creative proposals in the form of sketches and renders aligned to their brief.

At this time, colors and materials are considered, and price ranges are defined.

Step 2 - Engineering & Sampling

The initial sketches are rendered into tangible designs. Each element is studied carefully and meticulously. Next, the primary technical drawings are produced, which are used to create the initial prototypes.

The technical drawings are then analyzed and refined under the supervision of the client. The next step is to release the official technical plans and the first production copies necessary for quality certification.

We distribute one prototype copy to each tender participant, plus the client. During this second phase, the cost will be defined further.

Step 3 - Project Package

Usually, a brand renews its packaging program every seven years, whereas some brands keep their packaging for more than 15 years. Therefore, a purchase mistake could cause significant damage to the brand - both financially and in terms of image.

At ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni, we pride ourselves on the presentation of a "clear and transparent" project package to avoid the two most common packaging mistakes:

The two most common mistakes:

  1. Overspending - Paying more than necessary
  2. Damaging Brand Image - Compromising on quality and style to stay within budget

Our processensures all the necessary information is transferred directly to the client, giving total control and full transparency.

The Project Package Contains:

  • Finished product ready for distribution to the market
  • General technical plans
  • Technical drawings of all components
  • Detailed list of all used materials and safety data sheets
  • Book containing samples of the materials used
  • Quality test certification
  • Production mapping in written and video form
  • Retro-planning of production
  • Criticality list and recovery plan
  • Plans of: UCS in boxes, palletization and storage
  • Production cost break-down and declared margins

In addition to simplifying the process, the ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni project package eliminates any potential dual-sourcing. The package represents the product DNA, providing our customers with the necessary tools to achieve the best offer and value proposition with any supplier.

Step 4 - Production & Distribution

We operate three production sites which are situated in Italy, China and India. All our sites are ISO9001, ISO 14001, SA8000, FSC®-C165764, SMETA and Green energy certified. We employ 450 people worldwide.

Since 2016 we have adhered to the automation model "Industry 4.0." To date, we are the only company in our industry that can live up to this title.

By operating as an automated and computerized company, we can produce in Italy the items that other companies need to make in Asia due to costs and margins.

Automation allows us:

  1. To be extremely responsive
  2. To reduce production time
  3. To reduce waste
  4. To increase the quality
  5. To precisely plan the production and delivery process

All raw materials and finished products are stocked in our central warehouses located in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Storing outside our production sites allows for total security and optimized "pick & pack" and distribution processes.

Being located near our clients ensures efficient delivery time and guaranteed buffer stocks. This proximity also allows us to provide urgent deliveries and on-demand services. We are proud to offer direct shipment worldwide since 2015.

Step 5 - After-Sales Service

Fine jewelry and watchmaking are not just our professions; they are our passions. Whether linked to delivering a product or establishing a service, superior after-sales support is an ManifatturaCeraoloMoroni tradition.

We monitor product performance - from the receipt in the warehouse to the delivery to the customer - to continously improve product quality.

Continual client contact allows us to respond quickly and effectively to all requests such as:

  1. Recommendations for the maintenance of the product
  2. Usage problems
  3. Quality problems and substitution of defective parts
  4. Special orders / modifications to a limited edition / customizations
  5. Unexpected direct shipment and customs clearance formalities